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If you have timber floors that are starting to show some signs of wear and tear, then you can depend on Brisbane Timber Floors to restore them to their original beauty and transform your home’s appearance. We provide high-quality professional floor polishing and sanding services that are quick, clean and affordable.

Our trained personnel can get your job done as efficiently as quickly as possible and leave behind nothing but beautiful and clean floors. They are, in fact, so beautiful that you will not want to walk over them. For thirty years, we have been successfully changing the appearance of thousands of homes with our polishing and sanding services. All of our staff members have gone through extensive training to make sure that we deliver exceptional results on a consistent basis. Being part of the industry for thirty years has allowed us to establish processes and systems that have been able to stand the test of time. Our staff uses proven techniques that thoroughly strip away dullness, dirt, and stains from your floors. We offer services catering to parquetry, cork, and timber floors.

Not only do we polish and sand timber floors, but provide parquetry sanding as well. Parquetry, like timber floors, over time can also get dingy and dull. With our time-tested polishing and sanding techniques and state-of-the-art equipment, we can polish and restore the class and style of your parquetry so that it looks brand new.

Floor Sanding

Our staff has sanded thousands of various timber floors all over the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, and Brisbane for more than thirty years. With all of our years participating in the industry, we know how to remove years worth of wear effectively and make all of your floors shine and look beautiful once again, We cater to both commercial and residential spaces of every size.

Sanding Process for Brisbane Timber Floors

To prepare your timber floor for the sanding process, your experienced team can pull the carpet or underlay out and punch nails in order to fill holes in. Doing that will enable our team to begin working with the proper surface. After your timber floor is prepared, our team will follow proven techniques very meticulously that will remove the buildup of dirt so that the natural beauty of your floors shine through once again.

Floor Polishing

Once the sanding process is complete, floor polishing is the next step. You will then be provided with options on the kind of finish you would like for your floors. The floors can either be polished or oiled. If you want a glossy shine, your floors should be polished, but if you would like a matte finish, then the best option is oiling.

We provide a water-based finish called 2K Duo Polyurethane. If you want to achieve a matte or satin look, that will do that. It provides Hybrid SR-10 and double durability, is completely non-toxic and has no smell. We take great pride in the commercial grade UV Cured Polyurethane, which is our latest offer. It provides your timber floors, like 2K Duo Polyurethane, with either a satin or matte finish. The thing that makes the finish stand apart from the rest is it provides triple durability (which is 40% more durable compared to conventional finishes), and usability is instant. Both business owners and homeowners can benefit from it since you don’t need to wait for days or hours to use your floors since UV Cured Polyurethane enables you to be able to instantly use your timber floor as soon as the UV light system has cured the floors. We are the first company in Brisbane that provides UV Cured Polyurethane to customers.

Natural Oil Non-Toxic Floor Finish

When you are searching for an all-natural, healthier alternative to polish timber floors, then you are in the right place since we provide a natural non-toxic oil floor finish which is safe for those with allergies, asthma suffers, children, and pets. You will not have to feel guilty since the floor finish that is used is 100% environmental-friendly. For your free quote call us today.

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