Pipe Inspection Cameras: Rent Vs Buy

If your business or operation has a need for real-time inspection of enclosed structures, you’ve probably considered remote visual equipment (RVI) in the form of a pipe inspection camera.

These technologically advanced instruments deliver a host of benefits and can give businesses a crucial edge when it comes to faster and more accurate diagnosis of problems and a broader service offering.  They come in many different formats with varying levels of capability and features and whilst in many instances, companies know that they have a real and urgent need for the technology, they don’t know if buying or renting the device is the best business decision.

Take a plumbing business for example.  They often face the challenge of solving customers’ blocked drains or pipe issues and remote CCTV camera technology is a huge asset as it enables them to quickly locate the blockage, identify what’s at the root of the problem, work out the most appropriate plan of action and accurately quote for the job.

The question is, would it be best for that business to rent or lease a pipe inspection camera as and when they have a need for such a device or should they purchase one outright?

The answer is that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution.

The decision whether to rent or buy depends very much on individual circumstances and it’s always best to discuss those with an experienced supplier who can help you weigh up the pros and cons of each option.

To get you thinking however, here’s a snapshot of some of the benefits of renting:

·         Enables access to the latest technology

·         Tailor-made solutions to changing needs and fluctuations in demand

·         Meets short-term needs

·         Enables new equipment to be trialled

·         It can be a budget-friendly financial option – only pay for equipment when you need it

If you choose to buy a pipe inspection camera, your business will then have a valuable capital asset on its books.  It also means your business will always have immediate access to advanced technology which can be a critical competitive advantage.  When a customer has an urgent issue that needs to be resolved asap, having a pipe inspection camera ready to roll could be the vital difference that gets you the contract.

Pipe inspection cameras meet the toughest inspection challenges and regardless of whether you rent or buy them, they deliver a host of benefits that boost productivity, protect assets and help ensure safety and quality standards.

One important factor to consider when investigating pipe inspection camera options is which supplier you are going to use.  Not all suppliers are the same, and it is absolutely essential to buy or rent RVI equipment from someone whose sole interest isn’t making a quick sale.  A good supplier will tailor-make a solution that is appropriate for your unique business needs and back up their products with quality support and service.


Imagine choosing to rent a pipe inspection camera because you’ve committed to a major short-term project with a new client, only to find that it isn’t functioning perfectly, there are no spares, no instruction manual and the supplier is closed for a long weekend?   Rather choose an established supplier like Nexxis which has been at the forefront of RVI and non-destructive testing equipment in Perth and which has a reputation for quality products, down-to-earth pricing, fast turnaround times and reliable and genuine customer service.  They offer a range of advanced pipe inspection cameras and other RVI equipment for rent – and you can view their full product catalogue on nexxis.com.au or speak to one of their friendly experts on 08 9418 4952.

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