It can’t be easier to reach out to millions of users who are seeking the services of your business. We have made it very easy for you to reach people in need. We have all sorted out with multiple options on whatever your budget is.

The following are the 3 options (you can select multiple as well) where you can reach your customers and provide them more information:

a) Manage your business:

Upgrading your plan:  allows you to make your presence felt by providing bundle of information like location, multiple images , your opening and closing hours etc.

PROMOTE – Boost your listing by featuring your ads : Your listing would appear on top as compared to other non-paid listing. Your ads will also be highlighted which will stand out from other listing.

b) Manage your ads:

PROMOTE: With little bit of extra amount you can display your ads as a banner on top. It will be a rotating ad. This is a best option if you want quick bank for the buck.